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The Exciting Rhodes Piano Method. Start Streaming Today!

Video and Audio instructions by Harold Rhodes are available through ONLINE STREAMING ONLY, also available in a DVD format. The Music and Rhodes Charts are downloadable.

Disclaimer: Rhodes Piano Method do not offer refunds and are not responsible for the customers internet speed, printing or technology.

Are you ready to learn how to play the piano in a captivating and exciting way from one of the piano’s most important inventors? At Rhodes Piano Method, we believe that the piano is one of the most wonderful instruments to master. And we are excited to let you learn from the master, Harold Rhodes. Playing the piano can be a wonderful way to stimulate your brain or relax after a long day, and it can also be a creative outlet to put your feelings into notes of wonderful music.

Learning the piano can be a difficult task. However, the Rhodes piano method is fun and an easy way to master this beautiful instrument. If you are ready to start your learning experience with reading music chording, music scaling music, improvising music, and transposing music easily and fast. learn more about what makes the Rhodes piano course so special and see how easy it can be to learn the piano well.

Tickle the Keys with Ease

The Rhodes Piano Method was founded by musical pioneer, Harold Rhodes. (the inventor of the electric piano) (The recipient of the only Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for music education) Harold’s piano teaching is focused on improvisation and a comprehensive quick study for professionals and beginners alike and is the most unique piano course ever created. Harold went on to invent the electric piano which has completely changed the way the world plays the piano. Thanks to Harold’s invention and education, musical artists like Stevie Wonder and The Beatles were born.

The Rhodes Piano Course will teach you how to read and play piano music easily in as little as two hours. With the course’s emphasis on improvisation, you can let your personality shine. This course will take you through the basics and show you how to make sound improvisational choices so that your music can sound as captivating as possible.

Each course can be streamed in video or audio and DVDs are available for purchase as well. Purchase lesson 1 today for instant satisfaction. The Rhodes piano method is a very unique method of understanding and all students must start on lesson 1 and progress forward, regardless of their prior experience or current piano level. 

Start Streaming Your Lessons Today for an unbelievable experience. Taught over 1 million students.

Videos Available for Streaming

Audios Available for Streaming

Downloadable Charts and Physical DVDs

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